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Voice driver

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As a member of the project team, KAYAC Inc. When a person shouts at the iPhone microphone, the Nissan Fairlady Z detects it and a gas pedal is pressed on. The car runs through the meter race track. The speed changes according to the vocal volume.

How to Install Sound Driver

Participants compete with those on other lanes. In this campaign, the race grand prix VOICE DRIVER CUP is held in two sessions.


The first session is held on November 10, Sat. A race track is installed at a special site where visitors can enjoy voice-controlled car driving.

The second session, World Grand Prix, is held on November 17, Sat. Anybody on the web can participate in the limited hour race. Participants compete through microphones on their own PCs, remotely controlling cars at the special site. This project is designed to realize the dream that many people had dreamed of, and allow people all over the world to enjoy it.

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