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Vjoy virtual joystick driver скачать

Started by headkaze , February 1, VJoy Virtual Joystick is a driver and icon tray application for converting keystrokes into joystick input. It supports two virtual joysticks as well as command line control. It has signed drivers and supports bit systems such as Vista and Windows 7.

VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver v1.2

There are many real world applications using VJoy right now such as a Steel Batallion Controller, replacing axes for Flight Simulator, head tracking, using Wiimotes and Kinect to control games or even to interface with robots. Some of the things people are using VJoy for are pretty amazing! So, does this more or less replace PPJoy in functionality?

This will be nice going forward! Btw, is there a way to use a mouse as input? Fantastic, this will be very useful to a lot of people. There is a program I was working on called "XLaunch" which was going to be able to convert any type of input to any other type of input. It orignally used PPJoy but obviously now would make use of my own drivers.

Vjoy virtual joystick driver скачать

I think XPAdder would be nice to add support that XLaunch and VJoy were aiming for. One program for all your input translation needs. Going from joystick to keyboard is easy, but writing drivers to go the other way is not. Anyway one day I might finish it, who knows? You made the program the way you wanted it, so you should stand by it.

Well actually I had planned to make XLaunch before VJoy and then realised it was pointless unless there was a bit driver for the KeyToJoy.

Vjoy virtual joystick driver скачать

Also SF IV came out and it only supported one keyboard so that was another driving force originally. I spent several weeks writing VJoy, and even nearly lost my PC in the process with a nasty blue screen on bootup. So then I smartly moved to using a Virtual Machine for all my testing.

Then I had to write the JoyToKey app.. In the end though with all the bad luck I just decided to release it and hope there was some commercial application down the line. Could be wrong here, but Im pretty sure the GameEx key blocking works on Vista. I think I tested the feature on it. You will have the same problems with GameEx blocking certain games in Vista and Win7. You can download my test applications DInputBlockTest.

Press the SPACE bar and you will see the space key is now blocked in both DInput7. When it uses Raw Input processing in XP as it should you can successfully block input. No worries, just worked in my tests. Obviously some stuff works some stuff doesnt, and what I tested did. In my last tests it wasnt blocking input but I managed to get round it with code.

Its probably not fool proof but it worked. Yeah it depends on how the app is reading key input. If a game uses Raw Input to read input like MAME there are no problems. The main problem seems to be with DInput7.

Скачать vjoy virtual joystick driver- VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver Скачать последнюю версию

So anyway the key blocking in VJoy should work for some games.. I should probably change the docs to say that. I know it was bold of me to say that Vista and Win7 contains a bug, but I did have the evidence to back that statement. I added above I did have an issue with it not blocking and I made some updates to GameEx for this which seemed to work.

Might be a different issue though. I think its worth at least checking out. First of all I just meant try it within GameEx, see if it does work, nothing to lose. Its likely im wrong but no harm in trying.


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Vjoy virtual joystick driver скачать

Visit VJoy Website VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver v1. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Ben, Could be wrong here, but Im pretty sure the GameEx key blocking works on Vista. The bug seems to only effect DInput7 and not DInput8. I have not tested other versions of DInput. Press the SPACE bar and you will see the apps output that you pressed SPACE to the console 3. Press the SPACE bar and notice that only DInput8. You can run these apps in either order on XP and the key hook will always block the input.

I had a look and it is a bug in DInput. Do you have any specific details on the updates needed to make it work? VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver v1. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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