SATA Driver - Load in Windows 8 Setup
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Sata drivers windows 8 1

This guide has a complimentary tutorial video. Preinstallation SATA drivers are required for Windows to recognise the storage controller and hence write to the hard drive during Windows Installation. These drivers are labelled F6FLPY SATA drivers for historical reasons as they could only be loaded from a floppy disk by pressing F6 during the Windows XP setup.

In a few other cases, the drive will be seen during installation however Windows will fail to configure at the last stage. If you have successfully installed Windows already you do not need any preinstallation drivers. Windows installation media contains an assortment of preinstallation drivers so they do not need to be loaded separately in many cases.

How to Load SATA Drivers in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

As a rule of thumb; if you systems hardware is significantly newer than the Windows installation media or you are using an advanced configuration such as a Solid State Drive as a Cache Drive or an Advanced Format Hard Drive on an older system, you may need to load SATA drivers. If your hardware is older than the Windows Installation media then the Windows Installation Media more than likely obtains the SATA drivers.

For more details see Download a Windows 10 TH2 OEM and Retail. Windows XP and Windows Vista are both at End of Life and should no longer be used. Windows Vista and Windows XP OEM licenses on capable hardware may be upgraded to Windows 10 TH2 Pro for free if the Unofficial Windows Upgrade path is utilised. Press [Windows] and [ r ] to bring up the run command:. If its available Windows 8 and later also take a note of the:. For example my Inspiron systems information:. For Dell systems check the Dell FTP Website:.

Select your system type and model number. Alternatively press [Ctrl] and [ f ] and search for your model number. In the case of the Inspiron 13 I will search for Check the date of the earliest BIOS revision. This will give you an indication of how old your system is:. Windows 10 TH2 Installation Media is newer than this system by over a year and so should include all the SATA preinstallation drivers.

The UEFI BIOS is currently A04 but can be updated to A The preinstallation SATA Drivers can also be downloaded from the Dell Website:. On the Dell FTP Website you will need to select your product type, Product Family and Model or alternatively press [Ctrl] and [f] and search the page for the model number. I pressed next until it highlighted XPS You want the driver and not the firmware.

In the case of the XPS the driver is bundled in the application and it needs extracted. Other models may have the SATA drivers listed under as a driver type for example the OptiPlex Ensure the supported OS matches the architecture of the OS you want to install in my case 64 Bit. Multiple versions may be listed also, take the latest version available.

Newer drivers can often be obtained from the direct vendors usually Intel or AMD but its often hard for the user to determine what drivers to load from these websites:. Dell usually package the SATA drivers as. You will need to launch the Dell. Then select ok once its informed you all the files have unzipped. If any additional setup Windows begin, cancel the installation. Open up Windows explorer, right click the search bar and select paste.

Sata drivers windows 8 1

If there is an x86 32 Bit and x64 64 Bit folder open the correct one depending on your architecture. The SATA drivers should be present as a security catalog and security information files. If installing Windows 7 on a system with a UEFI BIOS. The Windows 7 installation media must be updated to support USB 3. As Windows XP is at End of Life I do not recommend installing Windows XP at all especially in a non-virtual environment… For Windows XP the procedure to load preinstallation drivers on physical hardware required a floppy drive and you had to press F6 at the start of the setup hence the name F6-FLPY.

When you get stuck on this screen select load driver. You will be prompted to Browse for the Driver:. I have made the entire SATA driver folder including the original applications into a. If I then select ok I get the following:. Because I am using a VM and not an XPS , none of the SATA drivers in this folder are compatible. If multiple dirvers are listed press [Ctrl] and [a] to select them all and then press next. After Windows has loaded the correct drivers for the storage controller your hard drive will show. You should return to A Clean Install of Windows for details on proceeding with the installation.

Please provide these guides as TEXT, not as videos. It is hard to skim back and forth for details, URLs, commands etc. Its something I have planned to do. The videos were quickly done and have no audio. I plan to update both the videos on YouTube with audio and add text separately on this page. So, you install before partitioning and formatting?

Sata drivers windows 8 1

See the updated version of this page. You will be unable to format it if WIndows cannot read it. I have an xps 15 lx if that helps. What SATA drivers are you using? Do you have a mSATA cache drive? Please make a new thread in the Dell Community Forums, Microsoft OS Forum. It gets difficult to manage questions in the comments section here.

Do not install Windows 8, install Windows 8. Please make a new thread in Microsoft Answers or the HP Community Forums opposed to asking for driver support as a comment. Thank you brilliant guide was trying to load windows 7 for ages without success on a dell xps laptop followed your guide and downloaded your iso and installed straight off.

The one I got now, is delivered with Toshiba drive. When Windows installation ask me for extra drivers and I choose browse, I can see the hard drive nad usb drive no problem. Glad my guide has helped in the past. Looking specifically for Toshiba I see this: The only SATA drivers I see on the Drivers and Downloads Page are these but I suppose you have tried loading them already: I would try putting the extracted Intel Rapid Storage Technology and latest Intel SSD Data Centre Family for NVMe Drivers in the same folder and loading these during the Windows 7 setup to see what happens….

There seems to be some additional instructions here: Make sure the driver files are correct and located on the driver installation media. You mean, to implement them into boot. You see, after I install Intel RST driver the hotfixes r implemented into boot. If anything comes to your mind, please let me know.

Sata drivers windows 8 1

S You can delete 2 of those 3 same coments I put in: Sorry for that, I was in a hurry. It needed only INTEL RST Drivers and teh installation booted properly! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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