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Pci card driver

PCI Drivers Download & Updates

Does some serial port cards really have bad processor chips? Unless you invest in a PCI serial card with a quality processor and chipset you will very likely, at some point, experience either a computer freeze, driver errors, being unable to communicate with your serial device or even a BSoD. The reason is that most low-cost PCI serial cards are designed with a low-cost processor which has low-cost poorly written drivers, which obviously results in headaches for the user. The card adds two high-speed 9-pin serial COM ports to any PCI equipped unlike USB based computer with drivers available for DOS!

Pci card driver

Since these ports are PCI based they can be used as if it was standard built-in COM ports. Both RS serial ports share same IRQ which saves valuable resources if other expansion cards are used. Easy Plug and Play installation automatically configures the next available COM port and IRQ address.

Connecting external modems, serial printers, handheld PDAs, mice and trackballs, keypads, serial POS devices, digital cameras and more has never been easier! For alternative serial port cards please see our full selection of serial RS port cards. The PCI serial card is an easy and reliable way of adding serial ports to your computer.

When shopping for a PCI serial card it is important that you choose a card which is suitable and compatible for your serial device and computer. Of high importance is the chipset of the card. There are many models and brands of chipsets, we recommend a serial PCI card chip from either Moschip or FTDI, these processors have proved to be effective and reliable in most applications. The typical serial card contains one or two serial COM ports however it is also available in multi-port versions.

Some cards with poorly written drivers cannot be configured. The COM port that shows up in Device Manager, created by the serial card and the drivers can be used as if it was a built-in COM port. Since the COM ports created with a serial PCI card are actual physical COM ports, not virtual COM ports, they can be used with almost any serial device, even latency sensitive devices since there are no data delays.

Unlike USB based serial cards which due to the virtual COM port drivers have a substantial data delay which can make communication with some sensitive serial devices impossible. When shopping for a PCI serial card be aware that the socket will match your computer. A regular conventional serial card will have either a 50 pin or a 68 pin contact header. Depending on the voltage the serial card is using it have wither 1 or 2 key notches that will fit into the particular connector inside your computer.

The serial PCI cards we are selling are compatible with both 3. You can read much more about PCI cards at Wikipedia. Some low-cost PCI cards has jumpers which needs to be set in order for you to be able to communicate with a particular device.

This is kind of old fashioned since most newer serial cards are automatically configured to match your serial device. You will however still be able to adjust several port settings in your operating systems device manager, such as baud rate, data bits and in some cases timing. For other serial converters and alternative solutions please see our selection of serial port cards.

Description The Problem with some PCI Serial Cards.

Where can I find the latest drivers for my PCI or PCMCIA card?

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Pci card driver

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