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Mini dv camera driver

Sounds more like an issue with the camera with that error message perhaps? I got the same error but found some instructions that helped for me: Just purchased one of these MD DV cameras.

MD80 driver

Limited knowledge of this kind of stuff! My MD did not require any driver at all, my WinXP Pro just installed it as a UVC…USB Video Camera. The MD just pop up into My explorer as a webcam, double click on it and voila! Also took some picture, even the JPG quality was not so good.

For your information, my MD80 has Anyka AK chipset. If you have SunPlus chipset on it, probably it requires driver. Works like a charm on my win7 Pro x I have the fake MD80, but the only problem i had with it was the webcam feuture. Still have to do it when battery power is getting to low or after many uses. After charge, it worked for several minutes.

Then, it stopped and does not work anymore. Drive download and now I can read the memory, but no recording. So help me out, the supplier does not send another one. I want to have another camera, I want to return this not working device. A friend if my bought the same camera, he has an CD included. I asked for the CD, but my supplier said that there is no CD included. The manual says there is a driver on CD in the package. I downloaded the driver from this site and now I can only read the memory.

At first when I would hit record the camera worked fine. When I would plug the camera into the computer to watch the video I could see files from the recordings I made but it would show as 0 bytes. The manual I had said to do a fat32 formatting on the camera so I did.

Still having some problems with it showing as 0 bytes.

I keep getting an error message saying it is an unrecognized format etc. Got my MD 80 or most probably a clone this month. It came without a micro SD or a driver CD. Just the lanyard, brackets, silicone cover and instruction manual. I added an 8GB micro SDHC card Sandisk and it worked just fine.

Mini dv camera driver

TXT appeared in the memory card automatically the first time it was connected to the computer and showed date as follows TXT file, edited one copy in the computer as Then the file was cut and paste to the microsdHC card. From then on the date stamp in the videos started showing the current date and time. I use it as a motorcycle cam and I hope the mini cam lives long enduring the vibrations and all. My friend bought the MD80 camera and his camera makes many files while recording each file has around 20 — 30 minutes recorded but he wants to make only 1 file with longer video.

Do you guys know why it happens and how to set it up? FAT32 had a problem with file sizes exceeding 4GB, especially problems with AVIs. So capture software used to break my recordings into 4GB segments. You can find free software and all the info you can handle to join the segments together into one file, and edit them to boot, at VideoHelp.

Mini dv camera driver

But, the caveat is you have to work on a hard drive formatted with NTFS. My Md80 works good, no CD, but I just plug it into my PC and can play it using Windows The only issue that I have is that it stops recording after 10 minutes and 10 second. I have the same issue only records for 10 mins, have you managed to get it resolved.

Your email address will not be published. Home MD80 driver MD80 memory cards MD80 camera waterproof case Where to buy MD80 camera in the UK MD80 uses Useful links Blog Privacy Policy Cookie Policy About Contact me. Hey guys, My friend bought the MD80 camera and his camera makes many files while recording each file has around 20 — 30 minutes recorded but he wants to make only 1 file with longer video.

I am using MAC iso Seirra, where can I get the driver? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get the original instructions in your email here.

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