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Intel txe driver

Драйвер механизма доверенного исполнения Intel® для Intel® NUC DN2820FY и DE3815TY

Intel Trusted Execution Technology Intel TXT , formerly known as LaGrande Technology is a computer hardware technology whose primary goals are:.

Intel txe driver

Intel TXT uses a Trusted Platform Module TPM and cryptographic techniques to provide measurements of software and platform components so that system software as well as local and remote management applications may use those measurements to make trust decisions. This technology is based on an industry initiative by the Trusted Computing Group TCG to promote safer computing.

The Trusted Platform Module TPM as specified by the TCG provides many security functions including special registers called Platform Configuration Registers — PCRs which hold various measurements in a shielded location in a manner that prevents spoofing. Measurements consist of a cryptographic hash using a Secure Hashing Algorithm SHA ; the TPM v1. A desired characteristic of a cryptographic hash algorithm is that for all practical purposes the hash result referred to as a hash digest or a hash of any two modules will produce the same hash value only if the modules are identical.

Measurements can be of code, data structures, configuration, information, or anything that can be loaded into memory. TCG requires that code not be executed until after it has been measured. To further protect the integrity of the measurements, hash measurements are not written to PCRs, but rather a PCR is "extended" with a measurement. This means that the TPM takes the current value of the PCR and the measurement to be extended, hashes them together, and replaces the content of the PCR with that hash result. The effect is that the only way to arrive at a particular measurement in a PCR is to extend exactly the same measurements in exactly the same order.

Therefore, if any module being measured has been modified, the resulting PCR measurement will be different and thus it is easy to detect if any code, configuration, data, etc.

Intel txe driver

The technology supports both a static chain of trust and a dynamic chain of trust. The static chain of trust starts when the platform powers on or the platform is reset , which resets all PCRs to their default value. For server platforms, the first measurement is made by hardware i. The processor validates the signature and integrity of the signed module before executing it.

The ACM then measures the first BIOS code module, which can make additional measurements. The measurements of the ACM and BIOS code modules are extended to PCR0, which is said to hold the static core root of trust measurement CRTM as well as the measurement of the BIOS Trusted Computing Base TCB.

The BIOS measures additional components into PCRs as follows:. The dynamic chain of trust starts when the operating system invokes a special security instruction, which resets dynamic PCRs PCR17—22 to their default value and starts the measured launch. The first dynamic measurement is made by hardware i. This is known as the Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement DRTM. The SINIT ACM then measures the first operating system code module referred to as the measured launch environment — MLE.

Before the MLE is allowed to execute, the SINIT ACM verifies that the platform meets the requirements of the Launch Control Policy LCP set by the platform owner. The integrity of the LCP and its lists of known-good measurements are protected by storing a hash measurement of the policy in the TPM in a protected non-volatile location that can only be modified by the platform owner. Once the LCP is satisfied, the SINIT ACM allows the MLE to execute as a Trusted OS by enabling access to special security registers and enabling TPM Locality 2 level access.

The MLE is now able to make additional measurements to the dynamic PCRs. The dynamic PCRs contain measurement of:. The technology also provides a more secure way for the operating system to initialize the platform.

Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) Driver for Intel® NUC DN2820FY and DE3815TY

In contrast to the normal processor initialization [which involved the boot-strap-processor BSP sending a Start-up Inter-Processor Interrupt SIPI to each Application Processor, thus starting each processor in "real mode" and then transitioning to "virtual mode" and finally to "protected mode"], the operating system avoids that vulnerability by performing a secure launch a.

PCR values are available both locally and remotely. Furthermore, the TPM has the capability to digitally sign the PCR values i. Additionally, those values can be used to identify the execution environment the particular BIOS version, OS level, configuration, etc. This ability to evaluate and assign trust levels to platforms is known as Trusted Compute Pools. Numerous server platforms include Intel TXT, and TXT functionality is leveraged by software vendors including HyTrust , PrivateCore , Citrix , Cloud Raxak, and VMware.

Open-source projects also utilize the TXT functionality; for example, tboot provides a TXT-based integrity system for the Linux kernel and Xen hypervisor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the city, see La Grande, Oregon. This article has multiple issues.

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Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) Driver for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6CAYS, NUC6CAYH

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Intel txe driver

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