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Inf driver

Using a Universal INF File

The INF file in a driver package specifies the driver-version information for the drivers that are installed by the INF.

Inf driver

The version information in the file identifies the driver package as a whole, in contrast to the internal and external version numbers for the individual driver files within the package. This parameter specifies the date of the driver package and applies to all the driver files, including the INF file. The operating system uses the DriverVer date to perform driver-version comparisons when selecting between two versions of a driver.

Inf driver

This date also appears in the Driver Date value displayed by the Device Manager. The operating system does not use this value for driver selection. When the operating system searches for drivers, it chooses a driver with a more recent DriverVer date over a driver with an earlier date.

How to Install inf Drivers (Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista)

In Windows , Windows XP and later, the INF file for a driver package must provide a DriverVer directive. Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. INF Driver-Version Entry 1 min to read Contributors.

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