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Driver error compensation

Contact support or Ask other Live users. By this I mean, do the settings need to be adjusted based on the amount of CPU that is being used by the computer at the time? Or instead, is it a more stable quantifiable measurement based on an external connection i.

The reason I ask is firstly because I am looking to set the DEC with a certain degree of accuracy and would prefer to set it once and feel confident that there is as little latency as possible. Secondly, I have noticed that through my own experiments the compensation does vary somewhat and in turn requires re-adjustment.

Driver Error Compensation

Is there anything I can do to eliminate this variable and achieve my goal? Do not make the error of adjusting the driver error compensation to a negative number just to make Ableton say their is zero latency.

Driver Error Compensation not working

What that actually does is move the delayed recorded audio later instead of adjusting it properly to be on time. If you are doing a smaller project with all live recording you may prefer a lower less latency buffer sample size. Also, keep in mind a sound card or audio interface can help offload audio processing from your computers CPU. Some larger sample patch based streaming requires multiple hard drives. This may not be the answer you are looking for but I hope it is information that you find helpful. You need to be logged in, have a Live license, and have a username set in your account to be able to answer questions.

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Driver error compensation

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Irregular Sound Waves in "Driver Error Compensation".

Driver error compensation

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