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Bad directsound driver error code 88780078

To Reply to this topic you need to LOGIN or REGISTER. Back To Microsoft Windows Forum. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Is the Sound Video and Game Controlers expanded out. If so think back what did you chance lately? Did you run windows update and install an updated driver for the Sound Card. If so i would use the roll back driver option on the driver tab. That is assumeing that u have windows xp installed. Could you give some more discription on what you are running in your system. I already tried updating drivers and such.

I went to my Winamp and it is version 5. Well , Hi there The advise about the. I am actually having the same problem. My issue, though, is there is some sort of problem with my operating system windows xp pro. Do you have a default device setup? Do you have a multimedia driver configured and installed, with no problems Problems being exclamation points? See, my sound card driver is recent, and appropriate for the hardware.

I cannot even select it as my default audio output in the control panel. Funny thing is, though, I was able to select this device with Winamp instead of the default , and my Winamp is outputting sound now it sounds like a couple people had similar setups. Best wishes and thank you VERY much! I am kind of having the same probs as pfnagel Not one bit of sound, though i did use his trick to get my winamp to work.

But everything else is still down.

Bad directsound driver error code 88780078

I am using service pack 2 but that was installed when it first came out so i know its not that. Right click on My Computer Manage Device Manager go down to where the exclamation point is Right click to Disable, then Enable it. Mike, that way is TOTALLY wrong. What would it fix, I mean, all you did was disable it, then enable it. The problem would still remain, for one, I tried it, because I have this same problem, and it didnt work. Heres a lovely tip Or 3 tips in one from the support center installed on XP Pro. Have your installation disc or floppy ON HAND, if you have an nVidia card.

Otherwise, you will recive "Cannot Install This Hardware Problem, blah blah blah, Driver is not intended for this platform, which is BS anyways. To resolve the problem that is causing Device Manager to show an error code for your device, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the device.

To uninstall your device Open Device Manager. If the category for your device is not expanded, double-click the category. Under the category for your device, right-click the device that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall. In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK. Note To open Device Manager, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

Once you have removed your device, use the Add Hardware Wizard to reinstall it. To reinstall your device Close any open programs. Click Next, and wait for Windows to search for Plug and Play devices. Most new devices are Plug and Play, so you rarely need to go beyond this step. If no Plug and Play devices are found, a list of devices appears. Click Add a new hardware device, and then click Next. Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and then click Next. In the Common hardware types list, click the appropriate device category, and then click Next.

In the Manufacturers list, click the manufacturer of your device; in the Models list, click the model name. Or, click Have Disk if you have an updated or manufacturer-supplied driver to install for your device. Note To open the Add Hardware Wizard, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Printers and Other Hardware. Under See Also, click Add Hardware. Interesting though if not a little worrying that so many other people are having this problem! This problem happened AFTER I updated the nVidia sound card from the microsoft website.

Suggestion, BEFORE updating, make a system restore point, just in case. Also, its VERY RARE for a sound card needing an update, so I dont recommend updating it, UNLESS the home page of your sound card maker suggests it. I have been having this same problem for about a week. I bought this laptop used, so no driver cds came with it. I guess I have the ESS Allegro sound card, which came with the computer. It appears that it is gone, not physicaly, but the computer wont find it.

I recently installed a program that screwed everyting up. So, I now have the same problem as everyone else, but none of the things listed worked for me. I even downloaded the original driver. I have windows ME incase that helps. Any suggestions will be greatey appritiated. I struggled with this error for hours! I finally found an easy way to fix it! I went through all the suggestions here, and nothing worked. Finally, I found this link, updated the drivers, and it all worked! I keep getting error messages when trying to play any file Update soundcard drivers and DirectX.

I think I just reinstalled anything that had to do with sound. I have this problem in the last hour. I am a DJ on a online Radio Station so i need my sounds working. My Winamp recently fecked up so i decided to re-install it. It asked me for that driver thing.

I put my playlist on WMP over songs on this PC and tried to play one. Cheers if anyone can help, Dougle. I would just like to say my problem has been fixed.. Two days ago, I can open both windows media player and winamp to play at the same time actually any music player combination. Yesterday I found "Bad DirectSound Driver I can only close the software which is using the soundcard in order to use another music player. This is against my previous experience and I knew for sure there must be a solution to recover to previous stage.

I search google and lead me here. What I did is exactly as you guys told me. There are three choices in my case. Then I click the first choice to highlight it, next click "Configure". A new window called "waveOut setting" pops out 7. Now I can open several media playing softwares to play musics at the same time.. BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN My guessing: If you happens to come here, you find a solution. In my case, I knew that my soundcard has not any problem in terms of doing simultaneous jobs. Also this method is like taking out a tank to go after a flea.

First of all I would like to say that I have used this forum at least 2 times before for this issue and it has been a great help, but this time it was of no help, so here is how this all happened. First after seeing that all these tricks failed I logged into the Administrator and check out the Device Manager to see it there was something wrong there. When I saw that there was nothing wrong there I shut down the PC and started it up to see if it would notice that there was no sound card, that failed.

So I did that last thing I could, I logged on in safe mode and from there I uninstalled everything that did not have the word Windows in it under the Sound, video and game controllers tab. At this point I would like to point out that I am running Win 2k and have no controllers, so if you have any controllers be careful as to what you delete.

After finishing that previous step I restarted the comp and found that Winamp worked again, except for video; the next thing I did was reinstall Winamp and I am now able to view video without any problems. This seems to be a very popular problem. This is a problem that brings many people to OZZU. Usually restarting does it for me. The same happened to me,and I tried almost everything mentioned in this thread. I also had "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" needing to close at startup. After searching for solutions to that error I fopund the following that fixed the problem "this is how I fixed it: This is kinda perplexing, because this sound card is integrated into the motherboard, and there shouldnt be any trouble detecting it.

In device manager, there are a few problem devices. They are sub-listed under "other devices. PCI device SM Bus Controller Universal Serial Bus USB Controller Video Controller VGA Compatible Those all have the yellow exclamation marks. Any chance it could be one of those?

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I had that problem with my winamp where no sound was being played on my computer. Then I did that thing where you disable and enable it under the my computer manager thing and then I went to the winamp plugin thing and my sound card appeard so I could change it from the generic one.

It just happened out of nowhere one day, no changes to the soundcard driver or anything. When I load Volume Control it gives me an error message "There are no active mixers available. The one who posted that is right, it works. I registered here just to tell you people that hehh. ALL YOU PPL SAID DIDNT WORK FOR ME!?!? If that doesnt help, then i realy DONT KNOW any other way to help I would simply advise uninstalling WinAmp, downloading and installing the latest version of WinAmp and Direct X, both. I went into properties and had it update the drivers threw windows update, and everything worked after that.

I think this means "This is for real" or "This is not a joke" darkapprentice.. But the problem is that I accidently deleted this program by my self! So, if there is any other sollution, please help me! NO SOUND STARTING UP OR FROM PROGRAMS UNSURE OF WHAT SOUND CARD I HAVE YAY I FOUND AN XP COMPATIBLE AD DRIVER!! Ya so I just got new speakers today [ Heart Black Friday ].

Meaning I cannot select my speakers from the list. This problem only happens with my speakers. I have DSP Headphones [ For my gaming ] and they work just fine. Quick help would be greatly appreciated. Hi, newly installed windows xp, trying to get some sound out of my computer and cant - it does error beeps, but wont play anything else!

When in sounds and audio devices in control panel it says i have no audio device - please help me! Got this problem and ofc googled it, and this being the first site up, I had a little look at it. I found that when using recording programs within windows, it can commonly change what method of sound your using for wave and microphone changed mine to a recording driver instead of my usual c-media. So my advice is this, go into your control panel and then into your sound settings and make sure that the wave and microphone settings are set back to their usual sound card drivers instead of another piece of software you may have used previously.

Granted to some people this may just be insulting their intelligence, but hey, if it worked for me and can stop someone deleting a helluva load of files that they have on their pc then I regret nothing. I also noticed that the songs that do this r songs that if u use headsets it plays on one earphone, than the other, than both.

It also wont play sound from Youtube. Here is something that you can try i was going nuts all day trying every thing on this forum but what i found was my problem and may help you out or anyone else. Firstly, I have no sound anywhere I have gotten the newest drivers for my motherboard and for the onboard AC97 audio card.

My speakers are not detected when plugged in. No effect, although I wish this one would have helped. What a great remedy it would be. However, the device was merely reinstalled displaying the same error. Albeit the word seedy and backalley are in there So no effect 4 Browsed around all the settings in sound and audio.

They all say that no device is selected for any part of my audio setup, and when I attempt to choose the appropriate drivers, it does nothing because "This device cannot start Code 10 " I suppose it would be somewhat proper to mention that the problem started after taking my computer completely downstairs Unplugging all the components, etc I plugged an S-Video cord from the back of my video card into the TV But to no avail, the error persisted.

Bad directsound driver error code 88780078

Took it back upstairs and the error persisted and my sound is nowhere to be seen Anyone think they can fix my problem? I have now actually uninstalled the drivers alltogether, and downloaded the official drivers from the site to install the card again. This has, as may be assumed, still not helped. Well I gave up and got a new sound card. I suppose I may have fried my old one when I unplugged all the components, but the computer works fine now with the new sound card.

This is how I solved the same problem: Here, find the service named Windows Audio, which manages Windows audio devices. If this service is stopped then audio and its associated components will not work. Set its Startup property to Automatic so that it starts everytime when you start your system. I did disable it with the little icon on the bottom of the screen as advertisements were annoying me! The sound card has now kinda disabled itself. I get this error message in the sound area in the control pannel: I am using Windows XP 64 Professional and a Creative Audigy 4 sound card. No sound will play anywhere -- no start up noises, nothing -- not just in WinAMP.

Under Device Info there, it says: I thought reinstalling the sound card drivers would work like it did before, but nope, and no other popular solutions seem to work either. My computer refuses to play any sound altogether. Below is the things I did in attempt to fix it VIA Audio WAVE music actually played for that option.

How do I make VIA Audio WAVE my default player medium or whatever it is? There was a problem on VIA MIDI Extornal Port. Failure on step 5 Creating the IDirectMusicPort: I went through many troubleshooting at windows help. I went to the Drivers list and there was no problems on any drivers.

All of the drivers associated with audio was in use. Did you test Direct Sound bogey? You can set your default device for stuff using "Sounds and Audio Devices" in Control Panel. Sorry, newbe bringing back an OLD thread. But In searching for a solution to this problem, almost every search brought me to this thread, so I wanted to post my solution for anyone else that my come across this problem and this thread.

I tried all the suggestions here, several times without success. As a last resort prior to adding a sound card, I put my XPpro disk back in and went through the "upgrade" process. BINGO when it was done, sound worked! During the upgrade process I got a message about the driver being unsigned, I clicked continue anyway, and all is good now. Hope this might help out someone else!

You have to install that dll into your computer. Yes, I am experiacing the same problem as well as everyone. It gives me the Bad DirectSound Driver. I think one of them was "Soundmax" or something.. On my winamp thing I have the following listed: But everything gets back to normal the moment I restart my computer. Not only Winamp will not work but also media player and anything that has sounds such as Express Scribe. When I check my control panel, it says that there is no hardware found for sounds even if everything worked perfectly when I turned the computer initially.

To the guys having the same problem, try restarting and see if the same thing happens. I also have to add that I have reformatted my entire system because of this, so my system is good as new, but still the problem persisted and I still have to reboot every now and then just for it to work properly, but apparently it would work just for an hour or two It lost sound then the pc locked up. I rebooted and then started getting the error message.

There was nothing wrong in device manager. Windows did not recognise my sound card SB X-Fi Elite Pro in winamp or control panel. Media player showed video with no sound and no error. After powering down I opened up the case and pushed on the sound card a bit and then it recognised it but still no sound but also no error message. Played with the sound card again, booted up and up she fired after 1. For those of you scanning through all of this Try reseating the sound card and make sure if it needs power that it is connected.

I have had that same dang problem twice now. In the Preferences section it keeps changing my soundcard from the one I have RealTek to a generic one and I get that irritating "WUMP! We must have all contracted the same trojan lol. Go to start menu Run and type services. Aki has proven otherwise q q remains sound. In my case I Salia a message of "you are a victim of software counterfeiting" it is assumed that it was affecting q, q outside the fake copy was screwing programs, no?

Cn sound but there is no way, and what reinstate pc restarts Go to the start menu and then click Run. Scroll down to Windows Audio and click on it. If you are having the "Bad DirectSound Driver. A loading screen will show up and after that goes away your audio should now work: Post Information Total Posts in this topic: No registered users and 18 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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