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Acronis tib mounter driver

This morning I saw this in Windows Update and installed it. After that I get a version mismatch when trying to mount TIB files. It will and has saved a lot of grief. I ran this update on two computers both refused to start after running it. I have managed to get one working again but the other one just says windows cannot repair this drive. I had the same problem Windows 8. Although I hid this update, it appeared again this morning.

I also hid the update and after it reappeared I let it install to see what it does. It is definitely NBG and produces the same results as depicted by arachnaut in his starting post. What I have to smile about, and I hope you all see the funny side If Acronis was in an unusable state from applying this update then run Acronis from the bootable media and restore the image you made just prior to installing the update You are quite right of course, trouble is I had made a back up image of one of the computers but not the other one, doh.

Twice bitten and all that , lol. Restorations I reserve for more serious situations.

Acronis tib mounter driver

And yes I do have running backups. So if you had let Microsoft loose and considered an Acronis restore necessary, would you know that yours worked? What most people want to know is why this miscreant update was ever put out in the first place. Maybe Microsoft perceive Acronis are a little slow at providing fully working software. With Windows 10 coming free, it must really be the one to go for.

For me, Acronis was not unuseable, just the archive mounter fails. Curiously, there version number is quite a bit higher than the previous indicating possibly many changes. Since I am due the W10 upgrade and Microsoft reckons my PC and laptop are suitable with existing software, I reckon everything will keep running as it is. I to have the same issue, I have hidden the windows update TIB Mounter file, can the forum moderator ask Acronis to either recall the Windows update file or issue a new one that works to Microsoft for release to the update queues.

All, if you install the windows update "tib mounter" and then you find that your acronis will not mount a full or incremental file, you should NOT have to do a repair install or a full install. TRY this, go into your device manager, click on the TIB MOUNTER entry, go to DRIVER then click on "ROLL BACK THE DRIVER".

I have not tried this but it should work. The first thing I checked was Device Manager. Searching for new driver revealed two but neither worked. That raises quite an interesting question really. You ask would I know if my backups work. Best way to undo it all is a restore. All work faultlessly and have done ever since I started using Acronis back in I also always run and restore from within Windows.

Same here on Acronis True Image bld on Windows 7 Pro SP1 with all Windows Updates, until this one broke image mounting totally. The Microsoft update installed on my bit Windows computer, but knocked out the mounter. Used the repair facility to correct this. On my bit Windows computer, the Windows install failed. In the end, ran system restore as a "belt and braces" correction to take me back to the situation before the failed install. All the foregoing relates to the latest build of Acronis True Image After updating was thrown into automatic repair loop.

Had to restore to older backup version with bootable rescue cd. I have tried replacing the driver with the old driver. The replaced driver is probably just the outward sign of more changes. There is another similar update on Windows updates it is probably the second try that is 4. If I look at its details it says: Once again, this morning, I see this update appearing. So I ignore it and Hide it again. For one thing, the constant re-appearance. Secondly, it does not appear in the control panel uninstallable updates page. Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove the update setting about other products from Windows Update?

Usually I just get graphics or sound card updates via that protocol. Using ATI on W8 bit and version installed then noticed when I opened up ATI UI a notification appeared stating a new version of ATI. Downloaded and no problems so far. So apparently this is a synchronization issue between Acronis and Microsoft Update.

Have let the Acronis update loose and now none of my backups old and new will mount and I get "Cannot assign a drive letter to a partition from the backup archive". The only good thing is the bootable media now works and sees my USB3 external drives and I can go up to the point of letting it go to do a restoration. I tested by creating a bootable PE-style ISO and putting that on a USB3 flash drive using YUMI. Please close the running tool and restart the installer". WinPE Universal Restore Media occasionally fails to boot with error: In-product notifications to share information about product updates, new features and product enhancements are added.

Anyway I am back on where for me everything was fine and I have disabled Acronis update checking. I noticed in my Acronis account that there was no means of obtaining older versions of - good job I had downloaded them a while ago. They would need to be deployed without internet connection to stop auto updating. I have recreated all my backups again. I did restores to older ones to see if there was anything I could do with the tib mounter before getting back to where I was before this update. Home Forums Acronis True Image Discussions Acronis True Image Forum. Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community.

NEW Acronis Forum How to get support? This was solved on July 20, when Acronis provided the ATI version update. Jim Hurley Windows 10 Pro bit ASUS P8P67 PRO Rev 3. SKILL Ripjaws X GeForce GT ; Saffire Pro14 audio. I re-installed using the repair option and things are OK. I used the ATI version installer.

Windows Update changed the file C: The version number from Windows Update was dated July 17, Then I re-ran Windows Update and hid that update from future use. I have this too but hid it since others have issues. As an alternative to repairing Acronis, Windows System Restore also works.

Perhaps Acronis might get round to giving an explanation This update also appeared for the version.

Acronis tib mounter failed windows update error code 80070103

This method may not work as the Roll Back Driver is greyed out. Had to Repair Install True Image to fix it. I hid the WU file, and will ignore it from now on. Sorry, no screenshots this time Could this really be for "True Image Unlimited". I see a new version of ATI is out now.

Acronis tib mounter driver

I use TI though, and its being offered for that. Changed posting title to [Solved]. So it looks like the only way to get it working mounting is to go back to version I have the Sync Agent and Non-stop Backup services disabled. List of fixed issues Several issues with "Operations are in progress, please wait" message at shutdown Trial version of Acronis True Image is created by Universal Boot Media Builder Cleanup rules do not work with built-in incremental and differential backup schemes External USB drives are not detected under bootable media Saved custom schemes are not shown in list of schemes Installation fails with error: Please close the running tool and restart the installer" Not possible to create Windows PE bootable media due to disabled button WinPE Universal Restore Media occasionally fails to boot with error: Footer menu Contact Support Send feedback Privacy policy Terms of Use Knowledge base.

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